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Helloooo peoples of the interweb! Welcome to my Deviant art page and thank you so much for taking your time to look at it. :) You have probably already discovered this but I draw lots of ponies here. I draw some other things too but ponies make up the majority of what I draw. Also I am open to suggestions, requests, and art trades. So don't be afraid to message me if ya have any of those. Once again thank you for reading, I hope you have a wonderful day


To Battle
It was her first rade she had to impress the captian or they wouldn't keep her around. Proving she was just as good as any of the males on that crew was the only thing on her mind as she charged into the settlement in the clouds. The only reason she was aloud to go on this mission was because she was a pegasus and many crew members would fall through the clouds, it wasn't because anyone beleived in her or saw potential, no. But she was going to change that today. Inside her head she had fueled her anger and hatred at the world. The only person who ever beleived in her was gone and she hated the world for that. She let out all her rage, she didn't even think twice about the inocents she could be harming because she was going to prove she was worth something.

New story peice for Raven :) Sorry I dropped her for so long X3 Also I finally decided on a cutie mark for her as you can probably see.
I am so confused right now... This deviation of mine got 16 likes, was shared in a journal with other great Rarity art by someone I've never spoken to before, and was requested to be added to a group gallery... What's going on???? This was a half hearted kinda rushed drawing a did in 30 minutes then thought hey why not post it. The shading is super basic, I just whent around the edge with an air brush tool. It is sloppy, you can see purple coloring coming outside of the lines at the bottom of the tail! I know 16 likes dosn't seem like much but for me it is a lot since normally I don't get more than 4 or 5. Why is this one so much more succesfull? What makes it more likable than peices I put 6 hrs into??? There isn't even a background. O_O I hope this didn't come across as braging, I am just mind blown...

Thanks everyone! XD


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Doctor Who by Joe-Roberts
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Who is your favorite pony in MLP?
Cupcakeseclipsed Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Student General Artist
There is to many for me to choose! I'll just split them up in groops. ^·^ My favorite of the mane 6 is AJ, my favorite backround pony is Derpy, my favorite princess is Celestia, and my favorite pony that showed up in only one episode and we will probably never see again is Rara. :) Now it's your turn! 😝 Who are your favorites?
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